Year 6 Transition Workshops – Getting Started with Your Local School

Tuesday 29th January 10.00-12.00 at Church House Guildford

Some assembly teams and churches run transition workshops for year 6 pupils as they prepare to move to secondary schools.  They take these to the pupils at both church school and community school with whom they work.

Most are held in the pupils’ primary school but some are held in the secondary school, or in a local church.

Some are for pupils from one school while others gather pupils from several schools together to start the process of getting to know one another before the move.

 This is an information session for church teams who may be interested in running such workshops in their local primary schools.

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Year 6 Transition Workshops - Getting Started in Your Local School

An information session for church workers, chaplains and assembly teams.
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Leavers' Activities

As children leave one phase of primary education to move onto another it is helpful to enable them the reflect on their time at the school they are leaving and to look forward to their new school.  This could be the move from infant to junior school or primary to secondary school.

These activities have been created to give the children the opportunity to look back over their time at the school and celebrate the relationships and good things; also deal with any disappointments, hurts or regrets.  Finally there is the opportunity to look forward to the next stage and put that into God's hands.

Parishes could host these in the school or in the local church.  The thoughts can be gathered together in a very simple service or assembly at the end.  Some schools pass a candle from the oldest child that is leaving to a child in the next year down as a symbol of passing on the light of God's love and the responsibility of being the eldest year group in the school.

The resources that you will need for these reflective prayer activities are below.

Contact Jane Whittington if you'd like any further information.

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