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Pause Days

What is a Pause Day?

Pause Days are an exciting initiative from the Schools department of Guildford Diocese Education Centre. They give schools an opportunity to engage with some high level thinking and reflection during an ‘off-timetable’ RE day, which also contributes to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. Although there will be some significant links with the Diocesan Guidelines for RE, these Pause Day resources are not intended to replace the statutory RE units, but to provide ‘space’ to enhance and deepen pupils’ understanding. At present, there are Pause Day materials for Easter and Pentecost.

The Pause Day materials are:

  • Divided into age-appropriate phases;
  • Designed to be ‘user friendly’, to be detailed and to enable all staff and not just specialists to deliver high quality teaching, learning and reflection;
  • Designed to be delivered in one day.

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