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EYFS Optional Study Units

As many schools may be aware, a number of special Alternative Study Units for use in EYFS were commissioned by Guildford Diocese. These units are longer in length than the new Core units and, as 'Extended Units', are still available for any Church schools who may wish to study more RE in EYFS than is included in these Guidelines. These Extended Units contain the learning from Compulsory units, as detailed below, and may replace the Core unit named below.

Extended Units

EYFS - Are We Nearly There Yet? (DOCX)

EYFS - Food, Glorious Food (DOCX)

EYFS - God Made Animals (DOCX)

EYFS - There's No Place Like Home (DOCX)

EYFS - Water Water Everywhere (DOCX)

Optional Study Units (OSU)

EYFS - Optional Unit Superheroes! (DOCX)

EYFS - Optional Unit Water, Water Everywhere (DOCX)

EYFS - Pause Day materials

EYFS Extended Unit Water Water Everywhere
EYFS Extended Unit Water Water Everywhere

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