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Optional Study Units (OSU) Key Stage Two

It is recommended that schools spend a minimum of 18 hours across the key stage, studying units chosen from the optional study units menu. Please bear in mind the balance of 'other faiths' to 'Christianity' when choosing units from this menu.

*Units marked with an asterisk were formerly ASUs.

Where units are written for use in any year group in KS2 please note that some of the tasks are more suitable than others for ​different year groups. Teachers should select ​the task that work best for their current class.

Factsheet to Support KS2 Sikhism Unit (PDF)

KS2 - What are Christians Waiting For? (DOCX)

UKS2 - What do Christians Believe About Heaven? (DOCX)

KS2 - What Does it Mean to be a Hindu? (DOCX)

KS2 - What Does it Mean to be a Jew? (DOCX)

KS2 - What Does it Mean to be a Muslim? (DOCX)

KS2 - What Does it Mean to be a Sikh?* (DOCX)

KS2 - Why do Christians Make Promises in Marriage? (DOCX)

LKS2 - Why Should we Care for God's World?* (DOCX)

LKS2 - What is Maundy Thursday About? (DOCX)

UKS2 - Money Money Money - What's it Worth? (DOCX)

UKS2 - Maundy Thursday - What is the Significance of Jesus' New Commandment?* (DOCX)

UKS2 - What can we Learn About the Christian Faith from the Chronicles of Narnia?* (DOCX)

UKS2 - What ​Does the Bible ​Say ​About ​Money & ​Ownership?* Coming soon

Whole School - Pause Day Materials

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