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Our School Services

show-423Guildford Diocese Education's aim is to secure education of the highest quality ...

We expect all church schools to offer a good or outstanding education to their pupils. We monitor school performance, intervening as necessary, help schools to make strong senior leadership appointments, promote their interests in school organisational reviews and as they administer admissions policies. We provide school improvement services to enable schools to deliver high quality teaching and learning and wider educational services including governor support, training and admissions advice. We also provide high quality building services to ensure that the quality of a school's built environment meets the needs of twenty first century education. serving its church schools and other educational settings...

Church Schools - practical support enhancing their Christian character, their daily life and worship, in partnership with school leaders, staff, parents and parishes, their clergy and congregations.

Affiliated Schools - by building and growing partnerships with their parish and the wider diocese and welcoming them as part of the diocesan school network.

Community and Independent Schools - offering them access to our educational services and the opportunity to affiliate within the diocesan school network.

Colleges and Universities - seeking opportunities to support and affirm their work.

Local Churches - helping them to support and engage with schools within their parish.

...rooted in God's love.

Church schools begin from a belief that every child is loved by God. They encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith in an inclusive and caring community which offers a safe and welcoming place for all God's children embodying the life enhancing encounter made possible in Jesus Christ. The school, in partnership with the church locally, aims to serve its community by enabling education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.