There are 4 main types of funding available: DFC, LCVAP, LEA and NGA:

DFC (Devolved Formula Capital) is an amount distributed by the government once a year for each school depending on the number of students. It works on a 90%/10% split. Please see the PSSA for more information and the benefits of DFC and pooling

LCVAP is an amount provided by the EFA in response to individual bids for specific building projects. Much like the DFC, it is a 90%/10% condition with the 10% again liable to the governors of the school

LEA is funding provided to schools from the local education authorities for building projects they see as worthy. This is 100% funded – ie no contribution is required from the governors

NGA is non grant aided and is funded through another stream the school has raised themselves which can be contributed or used to fund the whole project