Christ's College, Guildford

Every single learner, member of staff, parent and visitor is cherished as a unique individual at Christ's College (converted 1/12/15), a thriving 11-18 school serving the non-Christian and Christian community of Guildford, Woking and the surrounding areas.

Historically, Christ's College served an area of relative economic deprivation where the proportion of learners eligible for free school meals and with special needs was well above the national average. In recent years, an influx of learners from more affluent families has moved the demographic much closer to a genuinely comprehensive intake. The school seeks to maintain this diverse social mix and position itself as a true microcosm of the wider society.

The school has been on a journey of sustained improvement: In 2006, 17% of students achieved five A*-C GCSEs. In 2015, this figure had risen to just under 70%. This extraordianry transformation was recognised by the school's minister who congratulated the school in 2016 on being in the top 100 most-improved schools in England. The school is determined to maintain this upward trajectory and it is anticipated that the new found freedoms resulting from its conversion to academy status will further accelerate its success.

Christ's College, which moved into state-of-the-art new premises in 2009 is now significantly over-subscribed and will grow from its present size of 650 pupils to approximately 950 pupils by 2020.

In addition to being a specialist college for the performing arts with outstanding facilities equipped to professional standards including a theatre, drama studios and a sound room, Christ's College also offers a wealth of sporting opportunities - including a dry ski slope in the grounds!

Pupils' three-word summaries:

'Lots going on'
'Hard Working teachers'
'Everyone is known'

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Schools minister praises 'top 100' Christ's College Christ's College Schools news News Academies news

25 February 2016
New academy school congratulated on its 'excellent improvement'

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