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Getting Ready for Baptism

Baptism remains a mark of celebration and initiation to many people whether as an acknowledgement of Christian faith or as a tentative step towards deeper understanding. Material to prepare candidates and their families will therefore facilitate this journey and open up possibilities to explore faith and grow a sense of Christian identity.

A new resource for those who prepare children for baptism has been written that will equip leaders to meet with candidates and their families at any stage of Christian faith. As proposed changes to the wording used in baptism services becomes an issue for debate, such a resource will provide an entry point to meet with families.

This ecumenical initiative between Methodist Children and Youth and the Church of England, with support from the United Reformed Church, is split into three practical sessions, Come to the party!, Enjoy the party! and Party on! as a way of exploring what baptism means and entails, and discovering the life of faith and belonging that follows.

Further Information

As well as the course book, an activity book, My Baptism Journey, is available for children, whether as a baptismal candidate or as a sibling of a baby to be baptised. This allows the child to explore their own feelings and experiences of baptism preparation through writing, drawing and other activities.

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