Exploring Christian Faith - Introduction

Someone once said “following Jesus is your smartest move”. A very great many people in the world have tried, and now agree with that statement.

Many have found that following Jesus brings meaning and direction to life, healing to relationships, and fresh hope. Following Jesus does NOT mean someone is perfect or has all the answers. Christians are people on a journey of discovery, learning and maturing as they go. We do not ‘arrive’ until we get to heaven.

But what does it mean to follow Jesus? How does one begin? What has it all got to do with church?

The linked pages here are designed to help you explore these and other questions. They are numbered in a suggested order, but of course you can look at them in any order you like.

But perhaps the best way to learn is not by reading, but in company with others on the same journey who know they have not yet arrived. You will find plenty of such people at a church near you, and most of these churches run courses and groups for those who are ‘just looking’.

To find such a church click here.

To explore further look at:

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