Marriage after Divorce


If you have any questions about marriage after divorce, please contact Roland Olliff, The Bishop's Chaplain at

The forms below are for use by clergy in the diocese intending to conduct a marriage after divorce according to the House of Bishops’ Advice to Clergy issued in 2002.

Bishop's Form A

Form A should be used if the marriage is to be after banns or on the authority of a superintendent registrar's certificate
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Bishop's Form B

Form B should be used where a member of the clergy wishes to consult the Bishop before making a decision in a particular case. Alternatively, clergy may prefer to put their request in a letter or email
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Bishop's Form C

Form C, along with other documentation, is to be used when a marriage is to be by special licence
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Bishop's Form D

Form D, along with other documentation, is to be used when a marriage is to be by common licence.
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The Bishop’s guidance on marriage in church after divorce


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