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50th Anniversary of the Anglican Centre in Rome

10 March 2016

Revd Canon Dr Andrew Bishop - Canon Residentiary of Guildford and Anglican Chaplain to the University of Surrey

Andrew Bishop

22 March 2016 will ​be the 50th anniversary of the Anglican Centre in Rome, marking fifty years of the Anglican Communion having a representative in Rome.

In his address at the dedication of the new Anglican Centre in Rome ​in 1966, Archbishop Michael Ramsey, expressed the hope that the centre, with its library of Anglican writers, would enable a wider understanding of the distinctive gifts of Anglican theology, spirituality, liturgy and history, especially in the Roman Catholic Church. The Centre also meant that the Anglican Communion would be better placed to contribute to the warming ecumenical climate of the time.

Indeed, the following day Archbishop Ramsey met Pope Paul VI and two days later a Common Declaration was made at the Church of St Paul Outside the Walls, the church from which Pope Gregory the Great sent Augustine to England to re-evangelise here. The Pope and Archbishop gave thanks for a new stage in relations and acknowledged that there was more to do.

It was a powerful and hopeful sign of the unity can be fostered and, by God’s grace, sometime be brought to completion.

At that meeting the Pope gave the Archbishop an Episcopal ring that the Pope had been given by the people of Milan, when he was Bishop there, and placed it on his finger. It was a powerful and hopeful sign of the unity can be fostered and, by God’s grace, sometime be brought to completion.

The Anglican Centre in Rome still fulfils that noble purpose today. Please pray for the director, Archbishop David Moxon and the work of the Centre on 22 March.

Sunday 29 May, the Sunday nearest to the day of St Augustine of Canterbury is celebrated (26 May) is a day of prayer in the Anglican cycle of prayer for the Anglican Centre in Rome. There will be resources available nearer the time to help mark this day of prayer. If you would like to know more and ways you can support the work of the Centre in this diocese please email Canon Andrew Bishop.

A Prayer for the Anglican Centre in Rome

ALMIGHTY and ever living God, you have called us in the body of your son Jesus Christ to continue his work of reconciliation; in gratitude we celebrate the presence of The Anglican Centre in Rome and give thanks for its reconciling witness to Christian unity. As we remember the gift of hope that so inspired its creation we pray that this same hope may strengthen our witness to peace in the world. We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.


ACR Archbishops and Popes 2

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