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  • Sand Hill Lights Up the Darkness on Hallowe’en

    Oct 30, 2017

    Based on Sand Hill in Farnborough, the Church of the Good Shepherd aims to share the life and love of God generously with others. Abigail Edwards, Pioneer Community Worker, is helping to coordinate a special event this Hallowe’en…


    The Church of the Good Shepherd can be found on Sand Hill, a busy road popular with commuters, dog walkers, school children and students of Farnborough sixth form college; tomorrow afternoon it will also be the location for the annual community event, Sand Hill Lights Up.

    From 3:45pm - 7pm on Tuesday 31 October we will be giving out free hot chocolate (with marshmallows and cream) to anyone who would like one. We’ll also be handing out small gifts. Our aim is to provide a smile and light on a day associated with darkness.


    Last year we had some wonderful conversations with the people of our community, while giving out over 300 hot chocolates! With gazebos set up outside church, lights strung up all around and an opportunity to make a white paper peace dove, we saw familiar faces and new ones; 56 people folded a paper dove of peace and all 60 of our party bags containing glow sticks, sweets and a small note about hope in the darkness were handed out to anyone who wanted one.

    "Our aim is to provide a smile and light on a day associated with darkness."

    We met people on the street, blessing them where they were, with no pressure to come into the church building. People were smiling and laughing, enjoying time together. A small number of our congregation met inside of the church to pray as the event went on. 


    Building on the success of last year, tomorrow we hope to remind people at this dark and cold time of year that Jesus is the light of the world, lighting up our church for all to see.

    Are you doing something this Halloween? We’d love to hear from you –