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Case Studies


'Holiday Hunger' initiatives

How St Paul’s church, Addlestone, and Emmanuel church, Stoughton have been feeding children from low-income families during the school holidays...

English classes at the ‘Conversation Café’

"It is a great privilege and you will learn far more than you ever teach."

Fresh Expressions providing opportunities for growth

There are already 77 Fresh Expressions of Church taking place our diocese. The drive for more forms an important part ...

Roundabout Lightwater parish magazine - a case study

Pam Newman, editor of award-winning Roundabout Lightwater, the parish magazine of All Saints’ Church, gives an overview of the processes ...

Hearing Champions

"Thank you, now I can hear." We look at how Hearing Champions help the hearing impaired across the Diocese.

Meet Reverend Greg Cushing – the flying vicar

Reverend Greg Cushing gave up playing rugby against Olympic silver medalist Tom Mitchell among others to follow his calling and ...

Mindfulness at St Mark's

Lesley Shatwell, LLM at St Mark’s, Upper Hale, talks about the popularity of the monthly mindfulness group that runs there...

Walton & Hersham Foodbank – a community partnership serving the community

Giving emergency food parcels to individuals and families identified as being in crisis or need.

What a mess!

A tailor-made ‘once-a-month not-on-a-Sunday’ Messy Church is helping busy families explore Christianity at St Saviour’s Church, Brookwood.

Singing service strikes the right chord

The Wednesday musical service for senior adults at All Saints’ Church, Lightwater has been going strong for 15 years.

LYP inspires young people

Leatherhead Youth Project (LYP) has gone from strength to strength in its endeavour to provide safety, fulfilment and inspiration to ...

Restorative justice and victim awareness in prisons

Tony Watson, Prison Fellowship Trustee, volunteer and Sycamore Tree course tutor talks about his voluntary role

Dealing with grief

Sue Lucas talks about her voluntary role at HMP High Down

Cathedral canon helps lead Human Rights Day vigil for refugees

Candlelight vigil held by University of Surrey students

Safran’s story

A biography of a Syrian refugee in Jordan, as witnessed by Claire and Jessica Hargreaves, working with Methodist organisation All ...

Farnham rallies to send winter supplies to refugees on Greek islands

A listening ear

Elizabeth Cotton talks about her voluntary role at HMP Send

Five generations - one school

Church schools have been at the heart of communities across England for centuries - hear from one family with links ...

Campus chaplains

The face of Church in a changing world

A new dawn

How and where does a new vicar begin when starting in a new parish?
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Matthew 13:31

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