Resources for Parish Officers


Role Specific Resources


Details of Archdeacons' Visitations, training days and useful resources for Churchwardens.

Parish Administrators

Support for Parish Administrators, including a practical guide to church management, storing parish records and websites to save time and money on key areas of ​expenditure.

PCC Secretaries

An introduction to and support for PCC Secretaries, including forms for Annual parochial Church Meetings.


Documents, forms and guidance notes to support the work and ministry of PCC Treasurers.



Guidelines on  Leasing / Selling / Purchasing Church Property

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) may decide that it wishes to sell, lease, exchange or mortgage a church property which it has been using within the parish or to purchase a property for parish use.

Guidelines on Leasing / Selling / Purchasing Church Property

Parochial Fees

Information about Parochial Fees can be found on the main Church of England website

2016 Table of Parochial Fees - Marriages, Baptisms, Funerals

Register Ink

Parish Registers must be completed in indelible ink and not by ballpoint or felt pen. Supplies of blue-black registrars ink are available from the GRO official supplier:

Ecclesiastical Stationary Supplies
1 Rookwood Way
Suffolk CB9 8PB
Tel: 01440 760360

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