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Parochial Fees

Parochial Fees are those which are legally chargable for weddings and funerals. This page contains information on how much you should be paying or charging for these events, and the policy in the Diocese of Guildford for their administration.

Parochial fees - how much?

2019 Parochial Fees - (published by the Church of England, covers weddings, funerals and baptisms). Redirects to Church of England (new window). These are renewed in January each year, and set the autumn before. 

National Church of England guidance on parochial fees.


Diocese of Guildford Parochial Fees Policy

 The Diocese of Guildford parochial fees policy contains all the information needed to ensure correct administration of fees at parish level. Please read it carefully. 

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Parochial Fees Policy: Diocese of Guildford - Updated 5.6.17PDF692.69 KB17 Oct, 2016 Download

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