This section of the website is specifically focused on supporting the work and ministry of PCC Treasurers.

Below is a range of documents, forms and guidance notes that we hope will be of assistance. Some are of a 'technical' nature, aimed specifically at Treasurers, while others are more general summaries and overviews that may help Treasurers in their ongoing task of explaining the financial management of the diocese to their parish colleagues.

All Treasurers are encouraged to let us know if there are any other areas, topics or resources that they would find useful if we were to provide them.

We will also put copies of mailings sent to Treasurers in this section. If you see mailed information here that you didn't receive by post or email, please check with us to ensure that you were included in the mailing and that we have a correct record of your contact details.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Treasurers' Workshops, July 2019

Workshops for parish Treasurers held in July 2019 looked at the headlines and influencing factors affecting the draft budget for 2020, as well as an indication of the 3-year outlook for 2020-2022.  These workshops also discussed some parish focussed finance issues.  The slides from the workshops are available here:

Treasurers Workshops Slides 2019 (PDF)

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

Churches are now eligible to benefit from a new scheme that provides top-up payments on those small cash donations where it is difficult to collect a Gift Aid declaration. For more information see

HM Revenue & Customs - Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

Important changes to PAYE

Pay As You Earn (PAYE) is changing, and all UK employers will be required to notify HMRC of the details of payments to employees at the time, or before, they pay them. HMRC are calling this Real Time Information (RTI). Although the change is introduced from 6th April 2013, churches with fewer than 50 employees have until 5th October to start sending their information in real time using payroll software, A guide to what churches need to do is available at

Guidance for Parochial Church Councils on their Financial Procedures

The Diocesan Finance Team has produced a guidance in response to a growing demand from PCCs for a simple list of actions they can take to help discharge their financial responsibilities as trustees and minimise the probability of error, inadvertent or deliberate.

Financial Procedures Guidance

Parish Share

Peer support forum

A peer support group is available to treasurers where members can ask any question, big or small, and share experiences with others in the role across the diocese.

You can join the group by filling out this form. 


  • Avoid criticism by name, and keep discussions constructive. 
  • Let people know who you are and which parish you're from.
  • If communicating with individuals in a discussion which moves to being not of relevance to the whole group (e.g. meetings / private visits) please switch to normal email or arrange a phone call.
  • Please don't share email content outside of the group without permission. 
  • Take care not to disclose passwords, credit card details or commercially sensitive information.
  • Use the forum with patience and good humour.

Data Developments

Data Developments offer a range of accounting packages designed for Church / PCC usage. Although the Diocese does not recommend this company over and above any other suppliers, they have proved to be a popular choice for many PCCs.
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Ecclesiastical Insurance

As well as information on insurance policies, the site includes a range of guidance notes, briefing documents and other resources aimed at PCCs.
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Listed Places of Worship Scheme

A Government run scheme that enables PCCs to reclaim the VAT (within guidelines) on repairs and maintenance costs related to Listed Places of Worship.
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Parish Buying

Save time and money on key areas of spend (e.g. energy and office supplies), so you can free up your resources to spend on mission and ministry.
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Parish Resources

Produced by the National Stewardship Officer for the Church of England, this is an excellent site, with a range of useful information and resources for Treasurers and PCC members. Well worth a visit.
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Parish Share System

This guide is aimed at Treasurers and those directly involved in Parish Finances wishing to understand the way in which their share is calculated
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Parochial Fees

Fees for baptisms, marriages and funerals
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These guidelines apply principally to retired stipendiary clergy living in the diocese and holding the Bishop's licence or Permission to Officiate (retired priests)..

Stewardship and Funding

Funding and Grants

Information on capital campaigns, fundraising guides, grants and Growth Fund
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Gift Aid

Information on Gift Aid, claiming Gift Aid and Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme
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Parish Giving Scheme

The Diocese of Guildford has introduced a national planned giving scheme, which aims to reduce the workload for parishes whilst increasing the giving potential.
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Planned Giving

Information on Parish Stewardship Promoters and planned giving programme resources
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Stewardship and Funding

“Christian Stewardship is a way of life in which we regard ourselves and our possessions as a trust from God to be used in His service, for what He has done for us in Jesus Christ.”
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Wills and Legacies

Legacies are a fundamental part of Stewardship and Christian Giving; leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can give thanks to God for the gifts of your life and lifetime.
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