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Parish Share Review 2016/17


  • Parish Share Update October 2017

    by Nick Edmonds | Oct 06, 2017

    Nick Edmonds gives an update on parish share for 2018 and 2019 

    2018 parish share – the important thing to remember is that there will be no change to the current methodology for calculating parish share in 2018. We are currently working with the data on attendance and finance which comes from parishes via the Church of England’s statistics dept to give the calculations for next year. We will have provisional figures with you by the end of October to give around three weeks for you to take a look and flag any issues before these are finalised at the November Synod and communicated to you in December allowing standing orders to be updated in time for January 2018. Do look out for these. 

    2019 changes to parish share system – In June, Diocesan Synod approved the detailed methodology for a new parish share system which was discussed in briefing sessions in May. If you didn’t get a chance to attend one of these, the videos can still be viewed online. Synod also gave a steer as to how mission investment should be made under the new system, proposals for which are being finalised to go to the next meeting in November. Along with the finalised 2018 figures in December, we will send provisional 2019 figures, which will allow you to see how the changes affect your parish (noting that changes will be phased in over three years). Before this, a team are engaging with parishes where a significant increase emerges, or where it is believed there will be difficulty in meeting the new figure within the three year timeframe. This follows two days working through every parish with the relevant area dean and lay chair a process which has been enormously helpful in gaining a better understanding of the change impact and how best to model support for parishes most likely to be challenged by the changes. If your parish is in this group, you will be contacted in the near future, but please don’t panic – the aim is to find a viable arrangement in each case. 

    We also know that it is going to be important for these change to be explained clearly, and so when the numbers come to you, they will be accompanied by communication materials to help you and the wider parish understand what parish share is for, how it is calculated, and what is changing in 2019. After much planning, we know that many of you are very keen to know how your parish will be affected, but hope that this timeline of detailed engagement prior to a widespread publication makes sense. 

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Parish share review update

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  • Why are we having a review?
    In 2014, Diocesan Synod passed a motion to look at Parish Share once a new Bishop was in place. Upon arrival in the Diocese in early 2015, Bishop Andrew commissioned the review, to commence after the first report of the 'Common Purpose Group' looking at our Diocesan Mission Strategy. The current system is also nine years old, and due for review. 
  • When will the review take place?

    In three phases.

    1. Evaluation: Feb to June 2016 with a  Consultation Day on Sat 12th March, 10:00 – 13:30 at Guildford Cathedral

    2. Design: July 2016 - February 2017

    3. Implement: March 2017 - October 2017

  • Who will be doing the work?
    A review panel has been nominated to analyse data, feedback and examine possibilities. The group can be found here
  • How can I have my say?
    The process will be building in ​lots of opportunities for feedback and consultation. If you missed the Cathedral Consultation you can view the presentations, and answer the consultation questions which those present on the day considered. We advise you watch the presentations in a group, and consider the questions together, and submit a single response. These can be sent to Nick Edmonds at