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Housing and Land

Advice and support for those dealing with properties and land owned or administered by the diocese and the Parsonages Handbook (PDF).

Responsibility for the parsonage is shared between the Diocese, the clergyperson, and the parish. The parsonages handbook offers guidance and information about how these responsibilities are to be met and should be consulted before any repairs or alterations are considered.


Churches and Churchyards

Policies, procedures, resources, meeting dates and Diocesan Advisory Committee support to help parishes manage any kind of change to their church buildings.


Custodian Trust

Information, resources and contact details to support parishes with properties or investments of which the diocese is custodian trustee.



Please contact the property team at or on 01483 790305 with any maintenance queries for diocesan managed property.

SAFEGUARDING The Diocese does not tolerate abuse of any kind. Enquiries
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