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Church Notice Boards

Your parish church notice board is not just a 'notice board': it is a primary mission tool.

It is proclaiming a message about Christ and the Church to today's people, who draw all their design values from contemporary publicity and media.

The way your notice board looks will, therefore, be a significant factor determining whether passers-by decide to take a second look at the church and actually feel welcome enough to venture inside.

Churches should have primary and secondary notice boards outside in fixed locations.

Primary notice boards

The primary board ​should always face the road to be visible to all traffic - both vehicles and pedestrians. It is the 'portal' to all that the Church might want to say about itself in a snapshot (passers-by in a vehicle may only have a second to take in the information), so less is more! Basic elements include:

  • Name of church/logo (big to enable an internet search later perhaps)
  • Main service time(s) (big)
  • Website address/contact
  • Logos (diocesan and CofE logos available from comms team)
  • A disability access symbol, if appropriate

Drivers and passengers may well only glimpse the general condition and presentation, but any hint of neglect about the board itself (and the premises behind it) will be an instant turn off. Therefore, keep the board well maintained; an aluminium frame with a glass or scratch-proof plastic front will weather well and keep a 'contemporary' look longer. Also make sure the church grounds are well tended and litter free.

Secondary notice boards

Your secondary notice board can also face the road so that it is seen by passers-by (mostly foot traffic), and should prioritise information about the services and activities the church offers. Ask yourself what people are most likely to be looking for: 

  • Service times and styles
  • Playgroups
  • Youth groups
  • Fitness classes

The font should be contemporary and clear (sans serif) and its ​style should be consistent with that used on the primary board - think about logotypes, fonts and colours.


Your website can be thought of as a 'third' notice board, so ensure it is consistent with your primary and secondary boards ​in information and style. Use it to give extra information so you don't clutter up the main fixed-location boards.

If you would like specific advice for your new church noticeboard(s) please contact us at

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