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Joining Social Media as a Church

There are many different social media sites to choose from. The ​three social media platforms that people are most likely to be a regular user of, and to look out for churches on, are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Getting onto Twitter as a church is simple. All that is needed is one email address, a username and a strong password, access to the account can then be given to anyone by providing them with these details.

It is recommended to have a picture of either the church building, a shot of people in the church or a church event in full swing as the profile picture and header image. Informing the audience that the tweets are by a certain person and not necessarily reflective of the church’s position is also recommended.


The Diocese of Guildford has a Facebook page, as do a lot of companies. A Facebook page acts as an official presence on social media and can be run by a team of moderators. It offers the opportunity to post updates to those who like the page and includes insights so you can improve how you communicate with your followers. It also contains a ‘learn more’ button that can easily link to a church website. It also offers inexpensive effective and easy to run advertising campaigns. It is easy to control but less community based.

To create a Facebook page all you need to do is go to the page from your own personal account and then select ‘Create Page’ in the top right corner.


Although both Twitter and Facebook have excellent availbility on mobile devices and a lot of their traffic accesses them through mobile devices, Instagram is primarily a mobile based social media platform. This means that it requires posts to come from your mobile devices, making it more more difficult to keep an effective presence on Instagram when compared to the others.

As an image based site thought should be put into safeguarding ​concerns and what you hope to achieve through your use of the platform. If you would like any further information about or support for establishing a church presence on Instagram please get in touch with the communications team below.

Similarly to Twitter Instagram requires an email address, a username that allows people to find and identify the church and a strong password. Sign up to Instagram.


Once the new accounts have been created it is time to start posting content for, and to build, your audience.

View some support in creating good social media content

A number of useful resources for managing a social media account are available online. Explore some resources, including free to use images and account managers.

When posting be mindful of some of the risks of social media and take measures to protect the account.

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