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Social Media Tips

Below are some tips for successfully managing a Facebook and/or Twitter account. A number of useful resources for managing a social media account are available online. Explore some resources, including free to use images and account managers.

Tips for Facebook

The old 1, 2 combination

Research suggests that if you own a Facebook page with fewer than 10,000 likes you should aim for roughly one post per day, another recommends two posts per day as a maximum. This will keep your page fresh in your audience’s mind and keep them coming back.

Tag Other People

If you are covering an event that involves other people who are on Facebook then tag them. People love sharing what they do, it also creates an atmosphere of community and increases the number of people who see the post.

Videos Reach the Masses

Videos receive a far higher post reach and engagement than traditional posts. Even when in the process of scrolling through their feed, if someone sees the first two seconds of a video that interests them they will stop to watch. The Diocese’s Facebook Page posts including videos on average reached 1,500 people, more than double the normal and also received nearly three times more reactions, shares and comments. Videos are the most effective type of post on Facebook.


The majority of people who use Facebook everyday also access it through mobile. When scrolling down a newsfeed on a mobile people don’t see more than 7 narrow lines of text before it requires them to press ‘continue reading’. It is important to grab the audience’s attention in the first line and to not make posts overly long.

Tips for Twitter

Lifespan of a butterfly

The lifetime of a tweet is 7 minutes – it’s a good idea to share something more than once.

Tweet Tweet

Aim for about 1-4 tweets a day – use hashtags, photos, videos and gifs.

Twitter + Food

Lunchtime and 7pm are good times to post regularly as a higher proportion of people are online.

Add to your audience

Follow related people on Twitter – it is considered polite to follow back which makes it a great method of growing your audience.

Tag Other People

If covering an event or story that involves other people who are on Twitter then tag them by using their Twitter handle for instance if you would like to tag the diocese on Twitter then use @cofeguildford and we get a notification and become more likely to share the tweet. People love sharing what they do, it also creates an atmosphere of community and increases the number of people who see the post.

Create Lists

It is quite easy to miss a tweet even from an account you follow if you only use the home Twitter feed as everything moves so quickly. A list of Twitter users can either be private or public and is a great method of keeping up with users who are most important to you.

Always draw the eye

Twitter users tend to follow a lot of people, the average in 2010 was 170, with so many people competing for your attention on a fast paced and bland feed it is essential to stand out. Using pictures, GIFs and videos dramatically increases the number of people who see your tweet and engage with it.

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