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Guildford Says ‘Yes’ and ‘No’

Date: 20 July 2011

General Synod Procedural Motion: “That this Synod approve the proposals embodied in the draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration & ordination of Women) Measure and in draft Amending Canon No 30”

General Synod Following Motion: “That this Synod desires that all the faithful Anglican remain and thrive together in the Church of England and therefore calls upon the House of Bishops to bring forward amendments to the draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration of Women) Measure to ensure that those unable on theological grounds to accept the ministry of women bishops are able to receive Episcopal oversight from a bishop with authority (i.e. ordinary jurisdiction) conferred by the Measure rather than by delegation from a Diocesan Bishop”

In measured and courteous debates at Synod on Saturday 25th June the Diocese of Guildford returned a ‘yes’ to the General Synod Procedural Motion on Women in Episcopacy from all three Houses, and a clear ‘No’ to the Following Motion from the Houses of Clergy and Laity.

Speakers highlighted that the motions were not about the principle of women Bishops: that has been agreed by General Synod and will happen. They focused on the manner of their introduction and on provision for those who cannot agree.

The Diocese of Guildford has historically been in the forefront of promoting women in Priesthood and Episcopacy since +Michael Adie’s seminal contributions to the early Synodical process, already in train prior to the first Ordinations of Women in 1994.

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