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Quiet Garden adds a labyrinth

Date: 20 July 2011

The Quiet Garden at Willow Grange will soon have the addition of a labyrinth This ancient spiritual tool was once used by early Christians in the practice of devotional walking as a way to encounter Christ’s presence and deepen their faith.

Today, contemporary Christians are, in the same way, walking labyrinths in prayer or contemplation to connect with Christ’s presence, his love and to be strengthened by God.

A labyrinth is a single path that twists and turns towards the centre. Follow the path in and follow the same path out. There are no tricks or dead ends, no right or wrong way to walk it, it’s a safe place - the journey is the goal.

Walking a labyrinth is often described as making a pilgrimage, and in the same way that a pilgrimage can produce the unexpected so a labyrinth journey can. Sometimes a burden is left behind; sometimes a challenge is picked up; sometimes we are moved by the peace and God’s presence; and sometimes we leave immediately. Each labyrinth journey will be different and every walker will make their own discovery, although it may not be revealed until sometime later.

Revd Dr Lauren Artress, Canon of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco who has spearheaded the recent revival of labyrinths in a Christian context tells walkers ‘Treat everything that happens to you on the labyrinth as a metaphor for your life’, so keep this in mind when you bravely take your first steps on the labyrinth.

To use the Quiet Garden and/or labyrinth at Willow Grange please contact Hilary Hill by telephone 01483 590500 or e-mail

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