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Pray One For Me

Date: 13 January 2012

Church launches

Here are a couple of numbers which ought to pull us churchgoers up short: A recent internet search for the word “Spirituality” returned 29 million UK web pages. Research conducted by Tearfund in 2007 suggests that 20 million adults in the country pray – that’s 42% of the population.

For many people, and they are often those that Church finds hard to reach, there is a great desire to seek spiritual engagement away from what we might recognise as the traditional faiths.

It is these facts that have helped inspired a new website, launched by the Church of England on Ash Wednesday 22nd February; Pray One For Me ( .

This new, year round campaign, builds on previous prayer-based Lent campaigns (Say One For Me). Pray One for Me and its accompanying Facebook page found at offers people the opportunity to post prayer requests online. The earlier projects showed that many of the prayer requests will be for family and friends, for healing and worldwide problems and thanking God.

And that’s where you can be part of the prayer life of thousands. Can your parish or benefice consider a rota of visiting the site and praying the prayers? Could the team include some who might visit the Facebook page and post stories of how the prayers were prayed, such as where they were prayed and by whom? Or how about regularly using the site and its prayer themes as part of your intercession prayers yourself or in church?

You’ll be praying alongside those across the worldwide church. Many of the closed prayer communities are contributing their time to this new project.

Through the year, the site will occasional encourage themed prayers to focus prayer on some of the life’s big events such as Christian Aid week, the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics, and Education Sunday, and to respond to events in the news.

Pray One For Me - we hope you will and that you and your parish will help shape this new venture.

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