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Diocese counts down to the Olympics

Date: 24 July 2012
THE OLYMPIC TORCH was trooped past Holy Trinity Church as it entered the diocese on Friday afternoon.

25,000 people were expected to gather along the torch route to watch as the Olympic flame passed through Guildford High Street.

On the steps of Holy Trinity, Guildford Vox Community Choir entertained the crowd, who hotly anticipating the torch’s passing began gathering on the curb two hours before the torch was scheduled to come through.

It was 19-year-old Emma Rudland who held the torch aloft past Holy Trinity. Emma was selected as a torchbearer for her fundraising for soldiers in Afghanistan. She plans to climb Kilimanjaro in October.

The torch later passed through Goldaming before leaving the Diocese.

Prayer Baton Handover

The torch relay wasn’t the only Olympic relay to pass through the diocese Friday though, with the Prayer Baton being successfully handed over from the Maidstone baton bearers to the Guildford group waiting at St John’s Church.

The service at St John’s was well attended with the prayers collected in Maidstone being read out, before being handed back to individuals to take back to their own church communities.

Rev. Bill Miller, Senior Minister from Maidstone Baptist Church said receiving the baton in Maidstone the previous day from carriers in Dover had been “a fantastic experience”.

The vast array of prayer topics included prayers for the police, local government, and those in poverty.

Blessings from Maidstone

Bill added it was wonderful to receive blessings from Dover, and was excited about repeating the process in Guildford on day 63 of the prayer baton’s journey, providing blessings for the wider Guildford community.

To follow a live feed of the route of both the Olympic Torch and the Prayer Baton, which is following the same course, see > .

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