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National Prayer Day for British Farmers

Date: 26 July 2012
A NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER for British farmers has been called for, following milk price cuts and adverse weather conditions affecting crop yield.

The national prayer day, arranged by Farm Crisis Network, is set for Sunday 29 July when it is hoped Christians will come together to pray for the farming community – a community which often pay a much higher price than the consumers of their production.

While traditionally, on 1 August at Lammas Tide, a loaf of bread produced from the first grain of the harvest season would have been blessed, as a symbol of blessing for the ensuing harvest, this year, there will be few farmers in a position to harvest their crops by this date.

A vulnerable community

The farming community, while used to running a risk-filled business, have been unusually harder hit this year than in previous ones by drought, followed by unprecedented high rainfall.

They have also had to contend with draconian price cuts for their milk and high grain prices that have pushed up animal feed prices, making it more difficult for farmers who have been forced to bring their livestock inside.

Special Prayer

To mark the occasion, a special prayer has been composed for this Sunday by the Right Reverend Donald Allister, Bishop of Peterborough and a FCN trustee.

Heavenly Father, the earth is yours and the harvests are your bounty. We pray for our arable farmers in this year of extreme weather. We pray for our dairy farmers with supermarkets forcing the price of milk down and with bovine TB in some parts of the country. We ask your blessing on the harvest and on all who work in farming. We ask that farmers facing difficult times may know your love and our support. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For more information on the Farm Crisis Network see > FCN offers pastoral and practical support for anyone in the farming community – their national helpline can be reached on 0845 367 9990 and operates 7am – 11pm everyday.

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