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Count down to Christmas with St John's, Stoke-next-Guildford!

Date: 05 December 2012
I have attached a PDF copy of the poster which hopefully will work and also a picture of the advent calandar with first window (Frosty the Snowman) opened. On our website the twitter feed and facebook page each day has a link to the window of the day, enabling people to see online and guess which Christmas carol/song in represented too. Suitable words about what we are doing below. This December, St John's Stoke church are helping everyone anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas time through their advent calandar project. Their Christmas cards and posters depict the church tower entrance as an advent calandar image, with a little boy opening the Church doors labelled 25. Meanwhile individuals and groups of all ages have been busy creating shoebox scenes of Christmas songs to form a giant advent calandar in church. It is great fun to be able to invite different groups who use the church centre into church to open an advent window and try and guess which Christmas carol it represents. Inside they also find a Bible verse, a chocolate and a figure to place in the nativity scene. Everyone else is able to follow the action from our website via twitter or facebook where a photograph of the days window is displayed.

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