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Bishop of Dorking backs major multi-agency campaign to tackle global hunger

Date: 31 January 2013
The Rt Revd Ian Brackley has lent his support to a major new campaign designed to tackle the scourge of hunger which sees over two million children die of malnutrition each year.

With food prices at a peak and set to rise further the Church of England is one of more than one hundred organisations including Christian Aid, Tearfund, Save the Children and Oxfam to join the campaign entitled Enough Food For Everyone If.

The Bishop of Dorking said: “There is enough food in the world to feed everyone. Yet nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night.

“This is a justice issue. For me it is also a faith issue. We have a moral responsibility to try to bring pressure to bear upon those who can really make a difference to the way our whole system of food production and distribution operates to the advantage of some but to the detriment of so many. “

The campaign aims to mobilise public support to put pressure on world leaders to act on four big issues relating to world hunger. These are: Calling for enough aid to be given to stop children dying from hunger, for governments to prevent large companies from avoiding paying tax in poor countries, for farmers in developing countries not to be forced off their land and for governments and big companies to be honest and open about their actions that stop people getting enough food.

The Bishop of Dorking continued: “While important progress is being made on many key development challenges, we simply aren’t making similar rates of progress on hunger.

“This year our Government has pledged 0.7% of national income for aid, it will be hosting a Hunger Summit and the world’s most powerful leaders will meet in the UK at the G8. The time is here to insist for change.

“As a Church we are called upon to feed the hungry and to seek to expose and eradicate the causes of debilitating hunger. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu so powerfully and succinctly said, ‘Hunger is not an incurable disease nor an unavoidable tragedy…It’s time the world’s decision-makers came to the right decision on hunger. It’s time to end the unnecessary suffering caused by the failure of the current food system.’

“Support the IF campaign. There can be enough food for Everyone IF …”

For more about the campaign click here.

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