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Shrinking the Footprint app for Climate Week 2013

Date: 04 March 2013

SHRINKING THE FOOTPRINT, the national environmental campaign of the Church of England, has a launched a new app for smartphone users, giving them the opportunity to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

Shrinking the Footprint is an official supporter of Climate Week, which runs 4-10 March 2013. It has 3,000 events showcasing projects combating climate change.

The free Shrinking the Footprint app focuses on energy used at home, in the office and on travel and even allows users to share their progress via Facebook and Twitter. In addition it offers useful information and tips on reducing your impact on the environment and a 'Thought for the Day' from the Christian Ecology Link.

The Church of England's National Environmental Adviser, David Shreeve, said: "The Shrinking the Footprint app allows everyone in the Church of England to get involved in reducing their carbon footprint. We hope people will download it and give us feedback to help fine tune what we believe will become the Christian carbon calculator."

The app can be downloaded now for free from the Apple App and Google Play Store.

Notes to editors

Shrinking the Footprint is the National environmental campaign for the Church of England, aimed at helping the Church’s 44 diocese and 16,000 churches reduce their carbon footprint >

Climate Week is a national occasion that offers an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change. It is for everyone wanting to do their bit to protect our planet and create a secure future. It shines a spotlight on the many positive steps already being taken in workplaces and communities across Britain >

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