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Cheers to father's day!

Date: 10 June 2013
MEN IN A DIOCESE OF GUILDFORD church will be marking Father’s day by shouting each other a pint. St Mark’s Church, Tattenham Corner is getting into the spirit using the tipple traditionally enjoyed by Dads, and inviting men to bring their favourite bottle of beer or cider to the 10am service on Father’s day.

During the service the Rev Des Williamson will be asking the men what is their favourite beer and why. All the bottles will be placed on the altar and every man will be invited to take a bottle he didn’t bring so that he can try a new variety.

“The idea came about when one of the men in the congregation complained that women get flowers on Mother’s day but we men don’t get anything” said Rev Des Williamson, the minister at St Mark’s. “And so the idea for the beer swop was born!”

Raising the Bishop’s Finger

Just in case some men turn up without a bottle, local supermarket ASDA has even stepped in and provided a few extras, supplying appropriately named brands like Bishop’s finger, Abbot Ale, Goliath and Black Sheep Ale.

And while the men are thinking about what it means to be a dad the children will be able to make Father’s day cards to present to their dad’s at the end of the service.

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