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Bishop of Guildford's Lent Call 2014

Date: 21 February 2014
WITH LENT STARTING in less than two weeks (March 5) the Diocese of Guildford encourages parishes to get behind the Bishop of Guildford’s Lent Call 2014, Count Your Blessings.

2014's Lent Call is in partnership with Christian Aid which helps change the lives of poor communities around the globe. The call is to pray, fast and give - donations split equally between Christian Aid and the Bishop of Guildford's Foundation (BGF) - which funds many local faith-linked projects in the diocese.

Bishop Ian added: "Make Lent count in a different way this year, with the Count Your Blessings calendar available to all our parishes.

“Throughout Lent, the short reflections and actions detailed are intended to inspire us all to give thanks for the blessings in life and enable us to help change the lives of those less fortunate - both at home and abroad."

A few examples of the 40 reflections (and actions) in the Count Your Blessings calendar include:

  • Over 30 foodbanks and breakfast clubs in Surrey and north-east Hampshire (Action: Give 40p for every meal you have today and 50p for every pudding)
  • In Afghanistan, more than one in ten children die before their fifth birthday (Action: Give 10p for every fifth birthday you have celebrated)
  • There are an estimated 12,000 young carers in the diocese, many unsupported (Action: Give 50p for every time you have been helped to look after your loved ones)
  • On average, a five-minute shower in the UK uses twice as much water as someone in Africa uses in a day (Action: Give £1 if you took a shower today that lasted more than 2½ minutes)

The 2014 Lent Call Count Your Blessings materials should already be available in parishes, but can also be downloaded here:

How do I make a donation to Lent Call 2014 Cheques for the Bishop’s Lent Call should be made payable to ‘The Bishop's Lent Call’ please. If you are a tax payer it would make your donation worth 25% more, at no extra cost to you, if you complete the donation form on the calendar (which is downloadable above) or this Gift Aid Declaration Form - and post to: Bishop's Lent Call c/o Diocesan House, Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3XG. Enquiries by email to

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