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Ruxley oil painting

Date: 20 March 2014

AN OIL PAINTING found at the back of a cupboard and valued at up to £3,000 on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow will be auctioned on Wednesday (26 March) to raise funds for equipment for the new Ruxley Church.

The discovery was made when the old Ruxley Church, Ewell, was emptied ahead of a move the new church building last summer.

Investigations lead to an appearance on the Antiques Roadshow broadcast in November, when the Adrian Allinson painting was valued.

'A real Godsend'

Ruxley Church project treasurer Derek Eade said: “After all the years of fundraising this was seemed like a real godsend.

“The painting was originally given to St Francis of Assisi Church in Ewell in the 1960s. It hung there until the late nineties when the building had to be demolished owing to subsidence.

“The congregation and all its belongings moved into the Methodist Church and the painting had been forgotten. Another painting by the same artist recently sold for £8,500 so we are excited to see how much it will raise towards additional equipment. “

The painting entitled ‘Before the Sepulchre’ is signed and dated 1944, at a time when the artist was under contract as one of the government’s war artists.

Derek continued: “Allinson was also an atheist, which isn’t reflected in the subject matter, making the painting a possible rare collector’s item.”

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