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Praying for ‘a true and lasting peace’

Date: 07 July 2014
A PEACE VIGIL and a statement to show solidarity to the victims of current violence in the Middle East have been released by Woking People of Faith (WPOF) today.

The group has organised the short vigil for 13 July at 5pm in the Al-Asr Centre, Woking as a demonstration of their joint commitment as people of faith, to peace.

WPOF is led by members of different faith organisations and individuals, and aims to promote religious and cultural harmony for the benefit of people residing in the Borough.

Woking People of Faith statement:

“WPOF strongly condemns the violence in the Middle East, not least that which is taking place in Syria and Iraq at present. Indeed, Woking People of Faith condemns all violence perpetrated in the name of religion, by any religious groups across the world.

“As People of Faith, we assert that the hallmarks of true faith are love for God and love for one another. This shows itself in justice, generosity, self-sacrifice, compassion, the valuing of all life and active seeking after the transcendent. We acknowledge that through history tribal conflicts have been played out under the banner of religion and we reject such violence as a profanation of the Name of God. WPOF, representing a wide range of faiths, categorically states that we do not endorse, in any form, the destruction of human lives. We do not accept any faith that justifies violence towards, nor the killing of anyone.

“In particular at this time, WPOF calls upon young British nationals to refrain from travelling to troubled regions to help their Muslim brotherhood. Whilst their intentions may seem to them honourable, there are better, more effective ways for them to provide support to their brothers and sisters in the Middle East. The most effective is our praying, across our communities of faith, for a true and lasting PEACE.”

WPOF are calling all faith groups to pray within their own traditions this week in particular for peace in the region.

They have issued a ‘joint’ prayer for those who wish to read it (below), and said: “The call to pray together is about being of one mind in our call for peace and unified in our action – whatever theology informs our particular prayer.”

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