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Women Bishops - what do your synod reps say?

Date: 15 July 2014
FOLLOWING THE LANDMARK VOTE on women Bishops, The Diocese of Guildford's General Synod representatives have been giving their reaction to yesterday’s landmark vote on women Bishops.

Adrian Vincent, who received wide acclaim during the debate for announcing his changed stance having voted against the motion in November 2012 said:

"The passing of the Measure will be a matter of relief, affirmation and joy for the majority in our Church.
For a substantial minority their feelings about the outcome will be the opposite.
The new package included a commitment to the "mutual flourishing" of all traditions in the Church of England. I am committed to do all that I can to make that promise a reality."
Read Adrian’s full speech

Dr Hazel Whitehead, who is also Diocesan Head of Discipleship, Ministry and Vocation described Adrian’s speech as ‘moving’
“There was much rejoicing today at General Synod both at the overwhelmingly positive affirmation of the package,” she said.
“Not only in the result, but also because of the gracious way in which the debate was conducted.” “The most moving speeches were from Adrian Vincent and John Spence, a member of the AB Council who spoke of his blindness and the need to trust and adapt.

George Newton, vicar of Holy Trinity, Aldershot, who made his Maiden Speech during a previous debate on the vesture of ministers during divine service, said that it had been a “long, positive and quite emotional day.”
“I thought the quality of debate was very high with many different contributors from both sides, but a lot of grace which was shown by and large from all sides. I was sitting between Hazel (Whitehead) and Karen (Hutchinson) for the debate and it was great to give them a hug at the end of it!
“I think the Church of England and many in it can now can give a big sigh of relief, but we also need to trust that the provisions promised will be put in place fully. Adrian was very brave in what he shared.”

Philip Plyming, Rural Dean of Emly and Vicar of Holy Trinity Claygate said that he was “very thankful for the result yesterday and for the future it opens up for our church.”
“During the debate a number of people commented that the proposals were an improvement to those that failed to gain approval in November 2012. This was certainly reflected in the votes in dioceses and General Synod yesterday.
“I really believe that what was approved was a good package for our church and was happy to support it with enthusiasm.”

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