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Multi-use bus drives new opportunities for St Jude’s

Date: 21 December 2015

St Jude's 2New opportunities have been created at a school in Englefield Green with the delivery of a new multifunctional bus. St Jude’s C of E Junior School recently welcomed the colourful vehicle onto their playground, much to the excitement of pupils and staff. It will now be used for work in small groups, as a library, and as extra dining space.

St Jude's 3The idea for the new bus was initiated by head teacher, Vicki Chiverton and the school’s Business Manager, Caroline Edney, who both noticed an article about a school that had bought a bus to create more space for learning. Wanting to generate such an opportunity for St Jude’s, Caroline and school governer, Tom Pote presented the idea to a diocesan finance panel. They were so impressed that they decided to make a contribution.

Pupils and staff were joined by members of the Diocese Education Team as the bus was driven onto the school grounds by vehicle conversion company, Qualiti.

Head teacher, Vicki Chiverton said: "I was very pleased to see David Hallam (Lead Education Officer, School Development & Finance) and Jackie Bruder (School Buildings Officer) here to help us celebrate the arrival of our bus. The diocese has been very generous with supporting us.

"The school had been trying to find solutions to limited dining space without having to extend lunchtime and reduce teaching time. We also needed more space for small groups of children to work away from the classroom. My senior team put heads together and decided that we could relocate our library to the bus, freeing up that space for the group work. We then planned to use the upstairs as a dining space. 

“We are absolutely delighted with the results and so are the children. We are looking forward to filling the bus with the books from the library and to making full use of it in the New Year.”


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