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Priory pupils commended for their “impressive professionalism”

Date: 18 February 2016

interview-day-03Business leaders have given praise to students at a Dorking school for their "impressive professionalism" at an interview practice day.

Year 11 pupils at The Priory CofE Secondary School were given the opportunity to gain essential experience at the event, which was designed to give an idea of what the process of applying for a job is really like.

Interviews were led by volunteers from a range of businesses and community groups, who were matched with students based on their career aspirations in order to make the experience even more relevant. 

Deputy headteacher, Steve Cabrera said: "It was amazing to see how the students came buzzing out of their interviews. Some were very nervous beforehand but were so pleased with the positive feedback they received."

The interviewers offered verbal feedback on the day and subsequently provided written feedback for students, giving advice to help increase their chances in the competitive job market.

"The students had an excellent grasp of the longer-term implications of decisions they are making now about their education and future."

One of the interviewers, director of Technical ADR, Simon Wilkins said: "Students at The Priory CofE School showed an impressive level of professionalism during the mock interviews. I was pleasantly surprised to hear responses to questions such as 'What characteristics do you think a good leader should possess?' with more wholesome answers than I hear from some candidates in real interviews in the workplace.

"The students had an excellent grasp of the longer-term implications of decisions they are making now about their education and future."

Director of ST Acoustics, Stephen Turner added: "I was most impressed with how seriously the students approached the day and the maturity they displayed. Furthermore, the range of talent was extraordinary.

"I met a student who has represented GB in their sport and has Olympic ambitions, and another who already has experience of judging cattle at country shows. The Priory School must be congratulated for providing their students with this experience".

The Priory CofE Secondary School was recently given a rating of ‘outstanding’ in its SIAMS inspection. The report highlighted the school’s “profound Christian values, which have an impact on the lives of students.”

Bishop Andrew, who has visited the school, commented: “What I read in the report very much bears out what I saw: ‘outstanding chaplaincy’, ‘exceptional leadership’, ‘a highly developed sense of social responsibility’, ‘highly positive and harmonious relationships’, ‘the outstanding leadership and teaching of religious education which inspires students and develops their spirituality’.”

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