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Clergy Families Network relaunches to bring clergy families together

Date: 19 October 2016

Bishop Andrew and Beverly WatsonThe Clergy Families Network, previously known as ‘Spicelink’, has relaunched with plans to better support clergy families.

The name change follows reconsideration of how the 20-year-old network can serve clergy spouses, who are now more likely to be working than when the group was first launched, and have established support networks of their own. There was still demand to have a network for clergy spouses however, resulting in the broadening of the focus of the group to create a family-focussed network.

Network leader Revd Beverley Watson said, “We realised that most clergy spouses prefer to do things with their husbands/wives now, rather than without them; so events are now for couples and families, rather than spouses on their own.

"We are here to support and serve clergy and their families.”

The Clergy Families Network will be hosting a number of different events for members, allowing them to spend time together and establish connections between each other. One such example is a supper for clergy and their spouses/partners to be held at Willow Grange between the 12 and 17 June to coincide with ‘Tent Week’. These bigger events will be followed by more informal gatherings, such as some family walks.

A new Facebook page will soon be launched to make communication between members easier. It is hoped that the page will become a self-contained support network, where members can get in touch with one another.

More information on the Clergy Families Network is available here.

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