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Churchwardens transformed by training day

Date: 20 October 2016

Taking notes

On Saturday over 70 churchwardens, from a wide range of parishes, attended a training day hosted by the Archdeacons of Surrey and Dorking. The training helped to equip them in their roles and helping them to form transforming churches – following the launch of the new vision, Transforming Church, Transforming lives.

Participants were offered a choice of ten different workshops, ranging from church safety to learning how to communicate more effectively. The workshops were all hosted by Diocesan Officers and other experts in their field, in line with the goal of sharing expertise.

A workshop which proved popular was ‘Planning to become a Transforming Church’ which offered insight into how to respond, as a church, to the new vision and practically implementing a church development plan.

In addition to training events, many other resources, including important documents, lists of useful books and a peer support forum are available to churchwardens here.

Churchwardens are lay parish officers, elected at annual parish meetings. Generally in charge of the day to day functioning of the parish they help with the smooth running of the church. Responsibilities include caring for the church building and its contents, the churchyard and any other land or property owned by their church.

More information on the new vision strategy is available here.

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