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Oxshott community raises over £2000

Date: 21 November 2016

Oxshott GRCT fundraiser 2016Members of the Oxshott parish community came together recently for a coffee morning fundraiser and raised more than double their target. The event ​was held for the Garden Route Children’s Trust, (GRCT), which was founded by St Andrew’s church member Penny Fleming and helps to feed breakfast to over 4,000 South African children.

The coffee morning included a sale and was attended by over 80 people. With members of the local community attending, the fundraiser offered the opportunity for the parish to cultivate partnerships with people they might not otherwise meet, in line with the Transformation vision.

This is the second coffee morning which has been held by the parish community to support GRCT, with last year’s raising £1,000 and providing 60 children breakfast for the school year. Seeking only to beat last year’s total, the parish more than doubled it, raising over £2,300, enough to feed over 135 South African school children breakfast for the school year.

GRCT aims to alleviate poverty through the provision of food and education to children who otherwise will not have access to them. The charity has partnered with the Children’s Feeding Project and is working to provide a nutritious breakfast of e’Pap (a pre-cooked porridge) to South African children. To feed a child a breakfast of e’Pap for a school year costs £17 and the project currently provides breakfast to over 4,000 South African children.

Event organiser Nicki Galazka said: “I am delighted that together we managed to raise enough to feed over double the number of children this year. I know the work of the Children’s Feeding Project makes such a difference to every child. If you are hungry you can’t learn and if you can’t learn there is no chance to break the cycle of poverty.”

“The coffee morning was a wonderful community event as well as a way to raise money for this worthy cause.”

For more information about the work of GRCT visit their website.

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