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Holy Trinity to the rescue!

Date: 06 December 2016

holy trinity gasA village church has come to residents’ rescue when a major incident resulted in more than 700 houses being without gas during freezing winter weather.

Holy Trinity Church in Bramley High Street has open its doors to the village following the gas supply being shut off on Sunday evening due to water in the system.

Church staff and parishioners are manning an emergency centre from their Community Room throughout the disruption, serving hot drinks, and homemade soup and cakes, made by local residents. They are also handing out free electric heaters and cooking hotplates supplied by the gas company to those in need.

Revd Vicki ​Burrows, vicar at Holy Trinity, said:

“It has been a very cold couple of days, but the village has worked together and community spirit is stronger than ever - and it’s great that the church is at the centre of it.

“With the weather as cold as it is we are still concerned for those who are elderly, ill or vulnerable, so it’s important that people keep an eye on their neighbours.

“Please do come along to Holy Trinity for a heater or hob if you or someone you know needs one – or just to get warm.”

SGN, the gas network company, has shut off the gas supply to all properties affected and is now working to remove the water from the network. It is not yet known how long this process will last, but it may be a few more days before the gas is reconnected.

Chloe Boyce from SGN, said:

"We think we've got a couple of days work here, we just need to be honest about that. We've got quite a big operation on our hands, but we have got as many engineers as we need to get it fixed and we would just like to thank everybody again for their continued support.

"If people have got friends, neighbours or family who they feel are particularly vulnerable and might need to go and stay somewhere else for a few nights, then we feel we need to make people aware of what we're up against."

If you or someone you know is affected and need help, you can contact SGN’s 24-hour Customer Service team on 0800 912 1717.

To contact Holy Trinity, call 01483 890042.

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