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Did Mary Wash her Hands? Bishop Jo Reflects on the Dirty Stable

Date: 25 December 2016

Bishop Jo reminds us that the truth about Christmas is that God comes to Earth despite our condition, despite our sin and all the horrors of our world…. in fact because of it.

In her Christmas message she reflects on the grittiness of the stable, the birth of Jesus and what it means today. Watch/listen to Bishop Jo’s Christmas message.


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  1. Jeremy Haswell | Jan 06, 2017

    Dear +Jo,

    Re: Did Mary wash her hands?

    Great Job! so simple, so profound.

    Thank you,

    Happy New Year to you all in your office, and may this year be a wonderful year of discovery, ministry, and grace.

    Jeremy Haswell.

  2. Philippa Taylor | Dec 25, 2016
    Our message in our church this Christmas time was - There was no donkey!, But love this message.

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