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Viewers across the world learn to lament live

Date: 26 January 2017

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The Bishop of Dorking joined the Archbishop of Canterbury for the fourth instalment of the Archbishop’s ‘Facebook Live Bible Study’, bringing the bible to a live audience across the world.

The study focused on Psalm 13 and emphasised the importance of learning to lament to deepen our relationship with God. The study also gave the Archbishop and Bishop the opportunity to respond to questions from the audience. 

The video was watched live by over 800 people and has since been watched by over 40,000 people. You can still watch the study on the Archbishop's Facebook Page.

The Archbishop has embraced live video on Facebook as a method of connecting with Christians around the world. The previous three Facebook Live studies have been a success, amassing a total of 1,606,000 views from all over the world.

Bishop Jo said: “Doing a live bible study with Archbishop Justin was very exciting  – and not just with him but with an incredible array of Jesus’ disciples from Afghanistan to Zambia, who followed us live on Facebook. It is incredible to track the places from which people are sending in questions… and so to realise the world to which God speaks and listens continually.

“We chose to look at Psalm 13, which is one of the psalms of lament – in order to explore how we may bring some of the darkness in our world to God, seeking him even when words fail and pain overwhelms.”

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