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Online Lent course for parishes launched to support Bishop’s Lent Challenge

Date: 01 February 2017

Lent Challenge 2017 leaflets and posters were distributed to parishes during January, with a supporting online Lent course for parishes now also available.Lent Challenge 2017 montage

“My Lent Challenge to parishes this year draws on our diocesan vision, Transforming Church, Transforming Lives, and especially on the theological themes that underpin it: Prayer; The Mission of God; Kingdom and Church; Transformation; Growth and The People of God.”

The online course that accompanies the Bishop’s Lent Challenge 2017 is designed by clergy for clergy and disciples, to help churches that really want to engage and play their part in this year’s spiritual and fundraising journey during Lent – helping to raise awareness and financial support for projects at both home and abroad.

This year, a minimum of £20,000 fundraising is targeted to be shared equally between a major water project in the Diocese of Kebbi in Nigeria and the Bishop of Guildford’s Foundation (BGF).

Find out more about the Bishop of Guildford’s Lent Challenge 2017 and the resources available for the six-week online Lent course here

In Brief: Online Lent Course

Designed by the Revd Canon Dr Julie Gittoes and the Revd Barnaby Perkins

Each of the six week sessions begins with a time of prayer and a conversation starter to introduce the theme.  This is followed by a Bible reading - and a reflection on that passage drawing on the tradition of lectio divina. A short reflection is offered to lead into further exploration of the response to the week's theme.

The discussion questions engage with the vision of Transforming Church, Transforming Lives. The ‘footprints' section is an opportunity to consider practical actions which you can take in the week ahead; actions which enable you to be alert to the activity of God in the world. These suggestions stand alongside those related to projects supported by the Bishop of Guildford's Foundation and the Diocese of Kebbi in Nigeria. Each weekly session ends with prayer.

At the end of the six week online Lent course is a worship service for Holy Week – Stations of the Cross.

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