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Over 80 'flourish' at St Mary’s

Date: 02 March 2017

Flourish talk

The first ever ‘Flourish’ women’s event held by St Mary’s Church, West Horsley, was a success as 86 women from across the two church congregations attended.

The day, held in a local conference centre, encouraged guests to feel closer to each other and God. Split into two parts the day ​included a talk by an expert speaker in the morning and two breakout seminars in the afternoon, along with a time of worship.

The conference was led by guest speaker Rachel Firth, who spoke from Luke 8, 43-48. She first asked the audience to consider how meeting with Jesus completely transformed the lives of the women he met, before demonstrating how those encounters serve as encouragement for women today to live wholly for Jesus.

Lessons from the day will be reviewed as a church shortly, where future plans for how the women’s ministry group can serve the church and community will be discussed. Following the excellent feedback to the conference church leaders have already said they hope to capitalise on the success of ‘Flourish’ by hosting similar events in the future.

Jill Davis, one of those who attended, said: “The talks were wonderful. I learnt a new and inspiring way to read my Bible and I was deeply affected to realise how much God loves me - I still have that feeling and I also got to know so many people better.”

Shelley Baxter, another of those who attended said: “I feel positively ‘enflourished’! It was a great opportunity to listen and exchange experiences leading to a greater understanding of God and each other.”

Sarah Khadka-Lowe, who organised the day said: “We are thrilled with the way that God blessed our day and how ‘Flourish’ captured the imagination of the St Mary’s women. We had double the number of guests than our original booking arrive and we then knew that God’s heart was to connect with the women of St Mary’s and we have heard powerful testimonies of how God touched people.”

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