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Neighbouring church schools rally to support Ripley

Date: 14 March 2017

Ripley cofeTwo Church schools in the diocese are putting their Christian values into practice, sharing their expertise and manpower with neighbouring Ripley CofE Primary as it goes through a period of changing leadership and governance.

Send and Pyrford CofE Primary Schools are supporting Ripley Primary ​during the summer term while the school’s new interim headteacher and Interim Executive Board (IEB) take up their posts and the Local Authority seeks a permanent solution for the school.

The new IH, Mrs Jacquie Chambers will work alongside Ripley’s current IH, Mrs Sarah Carrington, for three days a week in the summer term. She brings with her significant experience as the executive deputy headteacher of Send Primary.

Mrs Kathryn Krynicki, from Pyrford Primary, will continue to support Ripley’s new leadership and governance teams in partnership with Send Primary’s executive head, Mrs Sue Sayers.

The short-term governance of the school will be overseen by an IEB, made up of an experienced team of three. Mr Martin Digby, Surrey Advanced Skills Governor (ASG) and the current chair of governors at Send Primary has accepted the post of chair of the IEB at Ripley. He will be joined by two ASGs - Mr Chris Howard and one other, who the Local Authority is actively seeking.

Ripley’s current IH, Miss Nicola Buchan, commented on the new arrangements:

“Everyone involved will be working closely together to make sure that the support provided is timely and effective for the needs of all the children here at Ripley C of E Primary School, whilst not compromising the needs of the children at Send and Pyrford schools.

“This is a genuine effort by local schools to help each other and both Mrs Carrington and I would like to thank the other schools - as well as parents and staff - for their help and cooperation to secure a sustainable future for the school.”

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