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Bishop Jo Wells' Easter Message

Date: 10 April 2017

'Spring is my favourite time of year, it speaks to me of life growing out of death. And it speaks to me of the shape of the Christian life which is defined by the events of holy week and Easter.

Early in the week crowds gather to listen to his teaching because he carries authority and yet the official authorities meanwhile are gathering in conspiracy determined to find a way to put an end to him.

He gathers with his disciples for a last supper, he speaks of last things and he speaks of his own body and blood symbolised in the bread and the wine to be broke to be poured out.

They go with him to a garden and seek to stay with him and pray with him but they fall asleep. He’s arrested, he’s tried, he’s sentenced all under false pretences and he’s crucified, the cruellest form of death on a cross.

And so as we travel with Jesus in Holy Week we find ourselves carried in our own life experience with some of the same depths of emotion. 

We may know the agony of betrayal by someone we trusted and we probably know the death of someone who shaped our life who has gone.

Holy Week urges us to stay with those emotions.

After three days in the tomb death breaks forth into life, out of darkness comes light out of death there comes life, that hope shapes my life.

I invite you to consider letting it shape yours.'


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