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Camberley holds multi-faith peace vigil

Date: 12 June 2017

Camberley vigil 2

On Saturday evening, Camberley’s community ​united in response to the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, in which 30 people lost their lives and 168 were wounded. 

​More than 50 people, including representatives from the Muslim, Christian​, Baha’i and Hindu faith communities, took part in the peace vigil on the Grove Green opposite Frimley Park Hospital on 10 June, demonstrating their solidarity in condemning terrorism.

The vigil, organised by Surrey Heath Faith Forum, offered an opportunity to remember those who died, to give thanks for medical staff and others who responded so quickly to the needs of the victims, and to highlight the importance of community cohesion and unity in the wake of the attacks.

Members of each of the four faith traditions spoke words of peace. Vigil attendees wrote messages of condolences and support to the cities of Manchester and London. The message scrolls will be sent to the Mayors’ offices of the two cities. 

Sending out a strong message ​public unity, Humaira Ahmad from the Camberley Mosque delivered a Statement of Peace written and signed by the Surrey Heath Faith Forum. It read:

Statement of Peace

“We, as members and representatives of faith groups and as concerned citizens, are appalled and deeply saddened by the recent attacks in Manchester and London.  We condemn these horrific acts of violence on innocent people in the strongest possible terms. Violence and terrorism have NO RELIGION, NO JUSTIFICATION and NO PLACE.  Our hearts go out to all who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by these atrocities.  We stand with them in solidarity.

“We are grateful to the emergency services, the NHS and others in those communities who quickly responded to the needs of the wounded, the shocked and the stranded.  These are the acts of true community that demonstrate humanity and compassion, which are so vital to our society.

“We stand united for peace and respect for all people, of all faiths and none.  We believe in offering love in the presence of hatred and solidarity in the face of division. We encourage all people, and especially those in authority, to seek careful discernment during these challenging times and to pursue peace and unity, for this is what honours the God of all our faith traditions.”

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