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New General Synod members elected

Date: 15 December 2017

GenSynNewtonHofmeyrTwo new representatives have been elected to serve the Diocese of Guildford in the General Synod. 

Stephen Hofmeyr (laity) and George Newton (clergy) will serve until 2020, after both were elected at the second stage under the single transferable vote system. 

Stephen is a member of Guildford Deanery, and attends Christ Church Guildford. He is a Crown Court judge and QC who was an activist against apartheid in his native South Africa. 

George is vicar of Holy Trinity Aldershot, and also serves as Area Dean. He has previously served on General Synod from 2013-15, and recently took a year's role part time with a Livery Company in London. 

The turnout of voters, for places vacated by Canon Martyn Neale (clergy) and Mrs Anne Martin (laity) was 43% in the House of Clergy and 34% in the House of laity. 

Also standing were Jane Vlach and Richard Jones (clergy) and Sara Gillingham and Louise Morales (laity). 

The election addresses of the successful candidates are available on the by-election page.

Presiding Officer, Nick Edmonds, said "in addition to congratulating Stephen and George on their election, thanks must also go to Jane, Richard, Sara and Louise for making this process competitive, and ensuring a high quality field of candidates."

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