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Starting from Scratch

Nobody knows the people in your parish like you do, and there is no simple solution to beginning youthwork from scratch. There is no off the shelf resource that is going to deliver a pre-packaged solution to a PCC over night. But we certainly can help a parish to explore how to begin to work with young people, what that work might look like and how best to support and enable this work. There are plenty of resources around, but each needs careful adaption for every parish. We can help PCCs to understand the world of young people, help church leaders to recruit and train volunteers, encourage the entire church to pray for the project as well as talking about simple steps that can be taken to ensure that the work is safe for everyone.

If there are currently no young people who consider themselves part of your church, and you would like there to be, get in touch with David to explore where to begin!

David Welch

Diocesan Youth Adviser