Safeguarding Training


Basic Awareness, Children and Young People

The shape of Safeguarding Training is changing (see below)

This was in response to:

  • The need for refresher training for people who attended the roll out of the provision during 2011 and onwards
  • A recognition that, for some roles, more time needs to be spent covering aspects in more detail, to ensure confident leadership in Safeguarding matters
  • The development of Church of England national standards for safeguarding training, currently under development in response to previous inquiries and reflecting the need for confident leadership in Safeguarding matters
  • A recognition that there is a need for easier and more widespread access to Basic Awareness training for volunteers in parishes

Safeguarding Records and Retention Toolkit

Guidelines to those in the Church of England for the retention of safeguarding records in response to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.
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Training and Development Practice Guidance

This Practice Guidance has been commended by the House of Bishops and is designed to ensure a framework of consistent learning and development of safeguarding practice in the context of the Church.
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What Training is Available?

Face-to-face training is currently avaiable in modular format - see below.

The e-learning provision has now been withdrawn. The national safeguarding team are developing a Church of England e-learning program which will be available for the whole church community and is designed to complement the face to face training. This should be available by January next year.

Those in a role in the parish will still be required to attend face to face training in line with the Learning and Development Practice Guidance approved by the House of Bishops in December 2015. Work is being undertaken with the national team to identify and develop the most practicable way of ensuring that all safeguarding training is accessible and relevant to all those in role in lay and ordained ministry.

A new programme of training is being implemented from January next year which is broadly in line with the existing Diocesan training provision and aligns with the national requirements.

Due to the implementation of the new overarching safeguarding policy being delayed, the Diocese of Guildford is adhering to In Safe Hands alongside the existing national policies and revised Practice Guidance.

If you have any questions about the training, policies or practice guidance or if you require further assistance, please get in touch with one of the Diocesan Safeguarding team.

Module One: Basic Awareness Safeguarding Children and Young People (BA,CYP)

This module will cover:

  • Basic awareness of signs and symptoms of abuse and abusive behaviour
  • What to do if you are concerned
  • Working safely in your role

This training will be a pre-requirement for access to modules 3 and 4 and 5

Module Two (BA,A) : Basic Awareness Safeguarding Adults who are Vulnerable

This will be available as a half day (or evening) face to face training and available for delivery in parishes

It will cover:

  • Basic awareness of signs and symptoms of abuse and abusive behaviour; What to do if you are concerned
  • Working safely in your role

Module Three: Leadership Training

This will be a full day module covering key leadership roles, responsibilities and knowledge on key aspects of protection, prevention and provision, to include:

  • Promoting and supporting safeguarding
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Safer environments - real and virtual
  • Recognising and responding to vulnerability
  • Recognising and responding to concerns
  • Recognising and responding to those who pose a risk

Module Four (DA): Domestic Abuse

This will be a half day (or evening) workshop to raise awareness of domestic abuse issues, to include:

  • Recognising domestic abuse
  • The impact of domestic abuse, safeguarding issues
  • Responding to domestic abuse

Module Five (SM): Safer Ways with Social Media

A half day (or evening) workshop about facilitating children to keep safe online

Who Should Attend Which Training?

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Booking Training

Current dates for training can be found in the drop down list of the online Booking Form

Online Booking Form

All training can be booked through Boo Squires, Safeguarding Training Administrator
Tel: 01483 790354

Safeguarding Training Notes

The Safeguarding Training Notes Information gives a brief outline of basic key information regarding safeguarding policy and practise relating to safeguarding children and young people. It is important that everyone working alongside children or vulnerable adults is aware of, and has the opportunity to read through, the full Diocesan procedures and guidance. However, this information may be downloaded for use in parishes as a brief guide and reminder for all. Printed copies can be provided at a cost of 50p each. ​You can request these here.